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Posted by candyfaceonline on April 16, 2010 Kids Acivities:            Hello Kids activities is todays topic.  I wanted to write a blog on Kids…


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Kids Acivities

Posted by candyfaceonline on April 16, 2010

           Hello Kids activities is todays topic.  I wanted to write a blog on Kids activities, Things to keep those little munchkins occupied, as well as bonding time for mommy and daddy. There are tons of kids activities out there but I would like to just name a few kids activities me and my children enjoy doing.                                                                                                                                                      

MOVIE NITE is a great kids activitie. It’s a real big hit around our house. we let the children rent 2-3 movies invite 1 friend each. we like to make our own snakes so we cut up some sausage and cheese with crackers, make our own nacho’s and cheese and pop some popcorn and away we go. Lots of fun and way cheaper then the theater and a great kids activitie .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ARTS & CRAFTS is another great kids activite. A super great way of getting creative with your children. All that’s needed is a nearby Dollar Store. Grad some pencil crayons, construction paper, glue, foam cutouts, buttons, string and whatever else may be needed. Thats real all you need to have some fun craft time with the kids. Also a real great one is popsicle sticks, you can make all kinds of things such as picture frames, log homes and even  puppets, then get the kids to put on a puppet show afterwards its really fun and amusing.                                                                                                                                                      

CRANK THE TUNES is one of our favorite and not to mention very tiring (for the kids) activity, we like to play loud music and just dance away. It’s great for the younger ones, because right after dance time soon after its nap time and you know how much us parents enjoy nap time 🙂

Well that’s all for today. I f you have a great activity you’d like to share please post it and I’d like to share it Thank-you once again for taking the time to read my blog-posts                                                                                                                                Remember stay Positive and good things will come your way!!  🙂

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My Little Girl

Posted by candyfaceonline on April 14, 2010

   My beautiful little girl, who  is now 12 going on 21 not so little any more, as she likes to remind me. It seems like yesterday I was helping her ride her first bike, showing here how to tie her shoes, or cleaning her runny nose. Know all I seem to be needed for is, ‘MOM’ pick me up some minutes for my phone,  ‘MOM’ did anyone call, or ‘MOM’ can I go to the mall, what a difference. It seems as if a decade just came and gone, oh yea It did. It seems as soon as you have children time seems to fly by, why is that??  Come september my little girl will be in middle school (junior High) is what we used to call it. meeting new friends, going through many great new experiences, That reminds me “pick up pepper spray”  lol.  So I wanted to dedicate this blog-post to my beautiful daughter Kristin, don’t be in a rush to grow up, Take your time and enjoy life and what it has to offer and don’t forget that no matter what you need or what problem you need help solving I’m here for you each and every day, keep up the good work I’m pround of you. 

Daughter do you know
I wonder can you see
How precious is your life
and all you mean to me

An unexpected gift
Delightful precious girl
Did you know that at first sight
You set my heart a whirl

As the morning sun rises
You’re there within my heart
No matter what storm may come
My love it cannot part

Daughter do you know
What words can never say
How awesome is my love for you
Still growing day by day

Your beauty overwhelms me
Abilities do astound
Anything you hope or dream
By you they can be found

You fill my days with light
You make me laugh out loud
You I am so glad to have
Of you I am so proud

by Dina Stone

Love You Kristin! 🙂

Remember stay Positive and good things will come your way!!  🙂

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Posted by candyfaceonline on April 12, 2010 Happiness:      Hello again it’s been a while but I’m back, so let’s get started with my blog post on…

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Posted by candyfaceonline on April 12, 2010

     Hello again it’s been a while but I’m back, so let’s get started with my blog post on happiness.

      I truly belive that happiness is a decision we can make on our own at any point in time, yes easier said then done but its true. It’s up to us to live in happiness, we are the controllers of the designs we make in our life. I find that theses steps I am about to share with you truly make my life happier. I belive the more people you help in life the happier you’ll be. Put positive into your life, what you put in your mind will play out so by putting happiness into your thoughts and actions that’s exactly what will come out. You can change  your day and someone else day,  just by giving them complement,  Tell someone everyday how much you love them, Let your children know that your proud of them no matter what, volunteer at a shelter/food bank, buy a coffee and a muffin for a homeless person. those are just some ways of putting happiness into your life.I belive the key to happiness is to spread happiness,  love and joy to each and every person you can as long as your on this earth. Life is hard enough with everything thing else going on, so be that 1 extra person that’s makes a difference in peoples lives, I guarantee you will be rewarded with happiness. here are some quotes on happiness I like to use, try them out

If you want to be happy, be.  ~Leo Tolstoy                                                                                                                                                   your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart…who looks outside,dreams; who looks inside, awakes. ~Carl Jung~                                                                                                                                                                                   The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.  ~Mark Twain

Remember stay Positive and good things will come your way!!  🙂

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Posted by candyfaceonline on March 24, 2010

    Friendship is the blog post today. Friendship is easy to come by these days with all our social net works and such but what I want to talk about is the  friendship that hard to find. You know the one who runs out in a rain storm because your car broke down, The one who lifts your spirit when you’ve been dumped, The one who’s always there no matter what.That the kinda friendship I’m talking about. Today I  want to dedicate this blog to all you good friends out there who look for one another. Never take it for granted because in a life time you may only find that one good friend for you, like that one good man or that one good women.

So please leave me a comment and brag about your bestfriend today, Tell us how this person has changed you life for the better.

Remember stay Positive and good things will come your way!!  🙂

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Feed The Mind

Posted by candyfaceonline on March 21, 2010

      Feed The Mind, is the question of the day. So how do you feed the mind you may be asking ?  I’m going to let you in on a secret of mine. For the first few years of my adult life I was an unhappy negative  person. I always had it in my head that everything wrong that could happen, would happen to me, If there was no bad luck I would have no luck at all I would always say to myself. HELLO,  that there was the message, I was always feeding my mind negative thoughts therefore my outcome would be negative actions. I know, I sound stupid and ok maybe a little crazy but it’s so true, what you put in your mind will play out. Not all will agree with me and that’s fine. I truly belive what you feed the mind is what you’ll get in return. If you tell yourself and truly belive your going to pass that driver’s test, you will. The key is to “belive in yourself” feed the mind with positive and throw away that negative. You can do simple tasks to feed the mind with happiness and love such as, help a stranger, smile all the time, compliment yourself, let yourself know what a great person you are, give a stranger a complement. these things will make you feel good inside,  trust me I do it all the time and I’m the biggest happy geek I know and I love it. I will leave a few links on Feeding The mind Videos that helped me to belive.                                                                                                                                                                                                     That’s all for Feeding the Mind blog post today, please leave me a comment on your opinion of feeding the mind I would love to hear it.                                                                                                                                                                                            

Remember stay Positive and good things will come your way!!  🙂

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Vision Boards

Posted by candyfaceonline on March 19, 2010

     Vision Boards is the question today. I am really going to enjoy this topic because IT WORKS!  At first I was thinking, what you are thinking ‘Vision Board, whats that’  It would take a whole a book for me to explain this so in short form, “We are what we think we are” Grab a big piece of construction paper and a ton of old magazines. Start to vision what you want in life, such as love, possession’s, vacations, inner peace, you got the idea. Write down every word, cut out every picture and paste it to your vision board. Once done put it in a place you can see it all the time and vision it, I placed mine beside my bed. Ok now let me explain the purpose of this vision board. It clears the cobwebs of uncertainty or confusion about what you want in life. It fosters new perspectives about your opportunities. It provides a virtual doorway where you can leave the past behind and enter into your future now, not tomorrow. Visioning is not a time for daydreaming but a time to wake your inner spirit. The book I recommend for this is “The Vision Board” by Joyce Schwarz awesome book, a must read. I will also leave a few links on Law Of Attraction it will help you  understand your vision board and it will make things more clear. Please be open-minded about this and give it a try, trust me it works.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

 I hope these are useful and helpful for you enjoy and have fun with it.                                                                Remember stay Positive and good things will come your way!!  🙂

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Staying Positive

Posted by candyfaceonline on March 17, 2010

      Staying Positive,  easier said then done. I struggle day-to-day dealing with stressful issues, trying to keep up with kids, household chores and a job. No one told me life was going to be easy and really if it was, how would it really be? Did you know stress causes wrinkles, grey hair, acne, hives, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, warts, cold sores/ blisters chronic fatigue, digestive upsets, headaches, back pain. Stress can also  increase  heart attacks, particularly if you are often angry and mistrustful and much more.  So know that I’ve stressed you out, let’s get back to Positive thinking. I am going to help you think more positive. feel more positive and stay more positive. There is a few techniques I like to use to help me when someone or something gets me down, or lets just say it “Pisses Me Off” lol.

1)  grab a  few candles, favorite cd, glass of wine, and half an hour. Lock yourself in the bath room and have a nice time to your self bubble bath.

2) When someone really gets me upset you know what I do I “Jog It Off” but that not all,  there’s a little secret to that here it goes. I place the individual’s name on the bottom of my shoe untill I have literally jogged him or her off. Trust me it works, but promise yourself once you’ve jogged their name off the bottom of your shoe, you wont let them or their issue bother you anymore.

3) There is a few videos I like to watch that also help me stay positive, I really think that you’ll enjoy them too.                                                                                                                                                                                                

Well I really hope my blog helps you to de stress and stay focused. Cause really ask yourself “who is stress helping?”

Remember stay Positive and good things will come your way!!  🙂

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Pouty Lips

Posted by candyfaceonline on March 15, 2010

    Pouty Lips, who wants them?!  Is the question today, Well I do, I’m not one of those lucky ladies gifted with pouty lips. So like many of you ladies out there, I want, need, obses,  well ok it’s not that extreme but it sure would be nice to walk around, with those movie star pouty lips, Without all the horrible, unaffordable injections. No I am not talking about grabbing duck tape sticking it on your lips, then getting your best friend to pull it off, for that pouty lip look. Trust me it works but only for a short time, then your pouty lips turn into to red marks across your face, not very attractive, although very funny, It’s a moment you and your friends share for a lifetime. Is there anyone else out there who’s done some pretty extreme things to empress the guys? well I could probably go on and on but i won’t. So I have found a few ways to get those pouty lips without injections or ducktape and I’m going to share them with you, so you don’t have to go through those painful embarrassing experience’s, unless you wanna make a memories lol.

1) Here’s a trick I always use. To make your lips smooth you can wash then gently with a washcloth then You can, highlight your lips by using a light film of eye shadow color with the same shade as your lip color,  in the center of the upper and lower lips.

2) Belive it or not keeping your lips fully  mostuired every 2 to 3 hours daily, really helps give them a healthy plump look.  You want a lip balm that helps to protect your lips and retain mostuire.

So I hope some of these tricks will help you with those pouty lips, and keep you from danger. Please feel free to let us in on some tips and tricks you have for pouty lips Thanks again for reading my blog post.

Remember stay Positive and good things will come your way!!  🙂

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