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Posted by candyfaceonline on March 13, 2010

  Who has one? A two-year old that is. Well I do and thats my handsome little man on the left and let me tell you,  It’s not an easy job. The phrase I prefer to use is “What planet did they come from” My two-year old is the most adorable little boy, when he’s sleeping. As soon as my bundle of joy is wide awake, look out, because it’s all about him for the next 4 hours, not that I mind so much but nobody gave me a bottle of energy pills to keep up with this kid. Anyone else going through the same thing? I have 3 other children a 12-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son and a 10-year-old son. I cannot seem to remember them being so difficult at that age. Maybe it’s my age or less patience. So I have a few solutions I like to use to keep your 2-year-old busy, works for me and guaranteed to work for you.

1) Make a lunch for you and him/her picnic style, on the living room floor. Spread a blanket and stuff.

2)You can make a fort using bed sheets, blankets, and chairs me and my kids love doing that.

3)LEGO, is so awesome and great for their learning skills, that always keeps us busy for at least an hour

4)Turning up the music and dancing is also very great for your little one to get active, and good for mommy and daddy for exercising. There is just not enough time in a day to fit exercising in, not for me anyway.

5)Involve him in the household chores, he/she can put the napkins on the table, or help match socks. These are good motor skills as well!

There is a few things to help you out with your busy little 2-year-olds, Please feel free to add a comment or two, or an activity that you and your little one do, for us and others to try out. Thanks again for joining me at my blog post.

Remember stay Positive and good things will come your way!!  🙂


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How Do You Ware Your Hair

Posted by candyfaceonline on March 11, 2010

  How do you ware your hair?  is the question of the day. I struggle day after day trying to get that perfect hair day. Have you ever woke up and your hair was perfect? Well belive it or not It’s happened to me a few times, I wished that day would never end, but it did and I was stuck with that unmanageable hair again Well the reason for my blog post today “How do you ware your hair” Is to help out you ladies who like me,  juggle a job, Kids, Perhaps schooling and a man. How do we do it all in a day Is unknown to me. So I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you with easy quick hair do days.

1) Towel dry your hair while gently “scrunching” large sections upward.

2)Don’t have time to blow dry your hair? Don’t panic! Merely twist your hair up and clip it to your head ! When all else fails, get comfy. Throw on a pair of jeans, your favorite hooded sweatshirt and call it a comfortable look.

3) Mix things up a bit by adding some fancy accents to your inventory! Invest in some colorful hair scarves, headbands, claw clips, hairpins, chopsticks and other fun hair accessories. You can get a nice selection of hair goodies at the dollar store.

4)For short hair, add a dash of conditioner to your hair bottle Spitzer. (If you add conditioner, shake before misting.) Then comb hair straight back and let it dry on its own. You can also add a headband just past the hairline, then push it forward and let dry then  you get a set-in wave once you remove the band.

So I ask you, How do you ware your hair? Please leave me a comment on how you ware your hair, I’d love to share it with others.

Remember stay Positive and good things will come your way!!  🙂

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Life’s no picnic

Posted by candyfaceonline on March 9, 2010

   Life is no picnic, Unless you own everything and have an endless bank roll. Which in my case is un heard of. So I like to imagine having it all, I run a bath, light a few candles then begin by  Closing my eyes and receiving those manicure, pedicures, hair color’s and cuts, when suddenly reality hits and I am awoken by the screaming sounds of my children fighting, Or should I say their joyous sounds of the way they express their love to one another. So what I am saying life’s no picnic but I still wouldn’t change a thing.

Solitude, in the sense of being often alone, is essential to any depth of meditation or of character; and solitude in the presence of natural beauty and grandeur is the cradle of thought and aspirations which are not only good for the individual, but which society could ill do without. ~John S.Mill~

Let me know a way you relax,  when you have a few moments to yourself , away from the everyday life. Because life is not always a picnic, and I could sure use some more relaxing tactics.

Remember stay Positive and good things will come your way!!  🙂


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