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Pouty Lips

Posted by candyfaceonline on March 15, 2010

    Pouty Lips, who wants them?!  Is the question today, Well I do, I’m not one of those lucky ladies gifted with pouty lips. So like many of you ladies out there, I want, need, obses,  well ok it’s not that extreme but it sure would be nice to walk around, with those movie star pouty lips, Without all the horrible, unaffordable injections. No I am not talking about grabbing duck tape sticking it on your lips, then getting your best friend to pull it off, for that pouty lip look. Trust me it works but only for a short time, then your pouty lips turn into to red marks across your face, not very attractive, although very funny, It’s a moment you and your friends share for a lifetime. Is there anyone else out there who’s done some pretty extreme things to empress the guys? well I could probably go on and on but i won’t. So I have found a few ways to get those pouty lips without injections or ducktape and I’m going to share them with you, so you don’t have to go through those painful embarrassing experience’s, unless you wanna make a memories lol.

1) Here’s a trick I always use. To make your lips smooth you can wash then gently with a washcloth then You can, highlight your lips by using a light film of eye shadow color with the same shade as your lip color,  in the center of the upper and lower lips.

2) Belive it or not keeping your lips fully  mostuired every 2 to 3 hours daily, really helps give them a healthy plump look.  You want a lip balm that helps to protect your lips and retain mostuire.

So I hope some of these tricks will help you with those pouty lips, and keep you from danger. Please feel free to let us in on some tips and tricks you have for pouty lips Thanks again for reading my blog post.

Remember stay Positive and good things will come your way!!  🙂


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